I'm working with universal principals expressed through light, movement and matter to create atmospheric spaciousness and a relation between our environment and the celestial realm.



Anita Ackermann, based in Berlin, Germany



MA/ Diploma, "In the Light of Movement" 
University of the Arts Berlin, UDK
Karsten Konrad/ Fine Art, Prof. G. Diel/ Institut für transmediale Gestaltung, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski/ Institut für zeitbasierte Medien


BA. Communication in Social and Economic Contexts, "Diverse Time Concepts- What is time" University of the Arts Berlin, UDK

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski/ Institute for Time Based Media,
Prof. Thomas Düllo/ Institute for Theory and Practice of Communication 

Tutor Employements

2011 – 2014 Tutor | Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski |

Institue for Time Based Media / Mediatheory, UdK Berlin

2010 – 2011 Tutor | Prof. Timothee Ingen-Housz  |

Institue for Time Based Media / Mediatheory/ Animationfilm, UdK Berlin

2009 – 2010 Tutor | Prof. Barbara Kirchner |

Audiovisual Studies, UdK Berlin


Exhibitions (selected)

              Alchemy of a Day, Palácio Belmonte Lisbon, Portugal               

              Artist Talk at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova & 
              Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidade de Lisboa

              Shadows of the Sun, Studio U Berlin, Germany

               Epicycles: In Eternal Movement, Public Space: Elementary School Courtyard, Torun, Poland

               InTension, ArtBridge Contemporary at LageEgal, Berlin, Germany

               Contemporary Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul, Turkey

               Evening Rise Tallinn, Dominiklaste Kloostri Muuseum Talllinn, Estland

               Jardins Efémeros, Museu Nacional Grão Vasco, Portugal

               Artist Talk at the conference „Luz da Cidade“Portugal /
               Part of the Unesco International Year of Light

               BlauBlauBlau, Trierer Kunstverein und Tuchfabrik e.V.

               ZERO Dynamo Ausstellung, Begleitprogramm Martin Gropius BauAkademie der Künste, Berlin

               Ultraviolet, Solo-Exhibition, Vesselroom Project, Berlin

              Artist Talk at Vesselroom Preoject Berlin "Embodied Vision“

               CTM UnTune, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin

               Artist Talk Goldsmith / London (Andy Weir) „What We See, Sees Us“, 

               Artist Talk at the Design Faculty (Prof. Gabi Schillig), University of Applied Science Duesseldorf

               In the light of movement, L‘Atelier Project Space, Berlin

               After the last shot, Pop Up Gallery International, Berlin

               Rotation, Reflection, Repetition, Repetition. Mota Italic Gallery, Berlin

               „URBANE CODES", Galerie M, Berlin

               DAAD Fellowship Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada

               Black Holes and Other Transformations, Concourse Gallery, ECUAD, Vancouver BC. Canada

              Uranus Jupiter Conjunction, HBC Berlin, Germany

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